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“To fight organized crime, there is no solution without bullets”: former director of the DEA in Mexico

by Yucatan Times
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Former Director of the DEA in Mexico, Larry Holifield, assured that AMLO’s policy “hugs, not bullets” does not work at all, and to combat organized crime “There is no solution without bullets”

(MEXICO – TYT). “There is no solution without bullets,” said the former head of the DEA in Mexico, Larry Holifield, about the fight against organized crime, and assured that the “hugs, not bullets” policy does not work.

The US official warned that heading into the 2024 presidential elections, politicians are the only ones who will be able to avoid using dirty money in their campaigns.

Larry Holifield, who worked closely with Genaro García Luna, arrested in the United States for drug trafficking, lamented the situation faced by the former Secretary of Public Security of Mexico, but stressed that his model of giving respectability to the police was working.

Larry Holifield, who began this century at the head of the US drug enforcement agency, stressed that journalists in Mexico who publish real news about drug trafficking, “those who have the courage and the honesty to report on things they have found out against drug traffickers, are true life heroes”.

He said that there are many people in the world who do not know the danger that journalists face, especially in Mexico, especially when this corruption is linked to politicians.

On the other hand, and heading towards the 2024 elections, he said that it will depend on the politicians themselves to ensure that money from drug trafficking is not involved in the campaigns.

“That is going to be very difficult, because they have a lot of money and they want friends from politicians. The best thing is that politicians who want a position do not accept money that they do not know where is comng from. And if they know where it comes from, they have to know that if they accept the drug dealers’ money, they are in the drug dealers’ ´pocket and will never be able get out. How many politicians are on the cartels’ payroll in Mexico?” questioned the former US official.

The former head of the DEA insisted that in order to change the current scenario, all respect must be returned to the police corporations.

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