The Ibero-Americana University evaluates plan to open a campus in Mérida

(Photo: Yucatan State Government)

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal met with the provincial of the Society of Jesus in Mexico, Father Luis Gerardo Moro Madrid SJ, to elaborate on this opportunity for academic preparation for young Yucatecans, with the academic excellence that characterizes this important higher education institution.

(MERIDA, YUC. – YUCATAN STATE GOVERNMENT).- The Society of Jesus in Mexico expressed that it is evaluating the possibility of opening a campus of the Universidad Iberoamericana (Ibero) in Mérida, as a result of the efforts of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and that it would come to increase the higher education offer with the largest university system in the world and the academic excellence that characterizes this institution, as well as the creation of new jobs, through hundreds of millions of pesos of private investment to the state.

Vila Dosal held a meeting with the provincial of the Society of Jesus in Mexico, Father Luis Gerardo Moro Madrid SJ, where he elaborated on the benefits that Yucatan would have by being part of the network of universities of this institute, for which he highlighted the unique potential of this project to position itself as an agent of inclusive, collaborative and sustainable development throughout the Peninsula.

Similarly, Yucatecan students would obtain a significant opportunity in their preparation, since the Ibero Mérida would have a percentage of students with scholarships and educational credits significantly higher than legally required, and would be seeking agreements with public and private high schools, to support students with academic potential, regardless of their beliefs, economic abilities or municipality of origin.

It should be noted that, in 1611, the Jesuits founded one of the first universities in the American continent in Mérida, which would later become the current Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY).

In the presence of the Innovation Directors of the Universidad Ibero in Mexico City, Jean Jack Remond, and of Planning of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO), Jorge Fernández Aguilera, it was explained that the intention would be not only to attend a demand for higher education in the region, but the need for articulation and collaboration, of the broad business and civil sectors, interested in sustainable development and both cultural and natural conservation.

Currently, the Society of Jesus is present in Yucatan, in primary, secondary and preparatory education, through the Loyola Educational Community and the Ibero Mérida High Schools, which are part of the Network of Jesuit Associated Schools.

In Mexico, the Jesuit University System (SUJ) includes 8 universities: Ibero México, Tijuana, Torreón, León and Puebla; the Iteso in Guadalajara; the Valle de Chalco University Technological Institute (TUVCH), and the Ayuuk Intercultural Higher Institute (ISIA), with a total of 34,362 students, as well as an offer of 164 undergraduate degrees and 135 postgraduate degrees. Worldwide, it has 193 institutions, on all continents, training more than one million students and with over 30 million graduates.

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