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The care of xunan kab bees, a family heirloom

by Yucatan Times
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PETO.- The xunán kab bee is increasingly difficult to find in the region and beekeepers know that it is an heirloom worth caring for because it produces honey with unique curative properties.

In addition, its honey is much more expensive than that produced by European or Africanized bees. However, bees require special attention and, for this reason, producers often fail to understand how to care for the insects.

The xunan kab bee has no stinger and is noble, but those who work with them know that they must take care of them.

There are even those who do not give access to their apiary to anyone, because they claim that negative energies affect the bees.

In the San Mateo commissary there is a family dedicated to the work and care of the xunán kab bees.

Don Carlos Dzul Estrella, 63 years old, and his family have been working with this species of bee for four years, but they are not new to the activity, his late grandfather also worked with them and Don Carlos helped him clean the stalls where the hives were located.

Don Carlos said that this is a noble job, which can also be done by women and children.

He explained that the care of these insects is different from that given to European or Africanized bees.

“The flavor of xunán kab honey is unique, there is no other honey that compares to it and the properties it has are not provided by any other species of bee.

“That is why it is used to cure several diseases and has even been used to counteract the ailments of Covid-19 with results that prove how valuable this honey is,” he said.

It is said that this bee is so special that it doesn’t grab nectar and pollen from just any plant, it is very select, that’s why the honey they produce is unique.

Dead bees in “Ejido Dzonot Carretero de Tizimín”

“At harvest time is when you have to follow certain care to avoid being affected by the nenem fly, because the smell of honey attracts flies and in carelessness it can affect the hives with fatal consequences,” he warned.

Don Carlos’ family received training to learn more and succeed in the activity.

In a few months they will start harvesting the sweet.

Currently the kilo of honey from the xunán kab bee costs more than $1,500.

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