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The Best Online Resources for Soccer Fans Around the World

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Football is a worldwide sport, the most popular in the world. There are pitches made for games in every possible corner of the world and in every town city and suburb. The desire to play is paralleled by the desire to follow professional teams in leagues across the world.

With this demand, the supply of football news, scores and apps are plentiful. The age of the internet has meant we demand instant information and specifically relevant to us.

There are national papers and sites who cover their own leagues, but with access across the globe for some of the most interesting or niche leagues, there are sites that con provide you with information.

Some are aimed at specific audiences, they can be fan led, analysis heavy or on specific leagues, continents or even focusing on scouting players.

What is often most popular are the sites with up-to-the-minute scores as well as breaking news on players and teams in some of the biggest leagues in the world.

It can be hard to find the right one for you due to the style of journalism on offer. Some can be too fan opinionated or targeting a younger audience with more off field news, some may be too in depth on the analysis and become too long and boring for some football fans and there are the ones with poor sources who may publish unconfirmed information or be slow on their updates.

Some of the best to follow have global appeal and can provide people of all ages the information they are looking for.

The Options

Goal.com is a world-renowned football site that is an excellent way for football fans to find information on international teams and club teams and players from across the world. It has reporters and contributors from around the globe to ensure all of its information is from those with deep interest and links to the stories they cover. Opinion topics, results, reviews and transfer information are all included as well as league tables and betting predictions along with live scores for matches across the biggest leagues.

Zoom Livescore is perfect for those who need their information up to the minute. Latest scores and results of almost every league in the world are available in an instant with this app. It is used by millions of people around the world and is an excellent way to keep up with your accumulators, for your in-play betting, as well as getting information on matches happening across the world there and then.

If articles are your thing, then FourFourTwo has been one of best for a long while. Starting as a printed magazine back in 1994 in England, its printed magazine is now distributed across Europe, the United States, Australia as well as some of Africa and Asia. It now has an online page with articles, interviews, previews and transfer gossip along with podcasts and much more. It is a complete home for the football fan to immerse themselves in all the news from football around the world, in many different forms.

For Spanish football fans there is nowhere to look but Marca. If you want to be up to pace with all things La Liga, then Marca has you covered from news articles to opinion articles, club news and match reviews and everything in between. The site specialises in Spanish football ensuring that its reporters are experts in the field, they solely focus on their specialty and their benefits of this are the expert knowledge and detail being relayed to the reader.

Data, Data, Data

If raw data is your thing there are two ways to go. Transfermark.com offers all the player and club information you need. When looking for full squad lists and player profiles with information such as their contract expiry and who their agent is, Transfermarkt has you covered. The site covers almost every league in the world and plater information is free to all. While it is mostly based on the main player information, there are further links to transfers and rumours, forums for people to join as well live scores and market value profiles for all sorts of categories.

The second is whoscored.com. This site gives you more in-depth statistical information on players and clubs from their performances on the field. There are endless pages to scroll through with statistical information, while there are also previews, news items and lives scores on site. It is an excellent resource for those who write about football themselves, be it for fun or professionally.

Each site will have its merits, and it depends on the users’ requirements as to which is best suited. There are many fan led sites which may be good for those who are fans of the same team, but their journalistic integrity may not be of the highest standard. Ensure you do your research carefully and thoroughly.

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