SICT officially declares the International Airport Felipe Angeles as an international aerodrome

(Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The SICT also instructs to notify the declaration to the International Civil Aviation Organization, based in Montreal, Canada.

(MEXICO – AIFA).- A little less than a month before its inauguration on March 21st, the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) was declared and authorized as an international aerodrome by the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT), for entry and exit to the country of Mexican and foreign aircraft.

With this, it contemplates both public and private air service aircraft, national and international transport, regular and non-regular.

Through an agreement issued this Tuesday, February 22nd, in the Official Gazette of the Federation, the agency emphasizes that the AIFA “has the infrastructure, facilities, identification signs, equipment and adequate services to serve the aircraft, passengers, cargo and mail of the national and international air transport service, in accordance with the requirements and capacities required in the applicable legal provisions on the matter; as well as in the operation of the services provided by the various competent authorities that intervene in its operation”.

In addition, it establishes that the SICT must “monitor that the concessionaire proceeds to install the identification signs in the aerodrome to which it refers”, and will have to make “the corresponding publication in the Aeronautical Information Publication Manual” of the AIFA.

The document highlights that the new terminal is located in a “strategic” place with a design and planning “in strict adherence to the standards and methods recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization, aviation laws and best practices in airport matters”, which will contribute to solving the problem of high saturation of the International Airport of Mexico City.

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