SEMUJERES Pledges To Reduce Harassment Of Yucatecan Women who use Public Transport

MÉRIDA, MX.– As public transportation is one of the places where women in Yucatán report some kind of harassment, the Secretary of Women’s Affairs (Semujeres) committed to training at least 50 percent of the operators of the new “Va y Ven” route.

The head of Semujeres, María Cristina Castillo Espinosa, mentioned that what they are looking for with this strategy is to generate protocols for action, prevention, and protection in cases of violence and harassment.

She explained that they understand the situation that most women in Yucatán face and for this reason they are trying to create safe spaces.

The training is part of a strategy called “Camina segura, transita libre” (Walk safe, walk free), due to the recognition of the social problems faced by women in the state.

Those who operate and monitor the current transportation units participated in the training, since they have identified that at least five out of every 10 people who use the “Va y Ven” are women, who are on average, 36 years old.

Part of the training consists of knowing precisely what to do if any woman or any person reports harassment, that is, to have knowledge about where to direct her and what steps to follow.

“It is about knowing how to act in a situation of this type, directing victims and the construction of safe, inclusive public spaces, without aggression or discrimination, are some of the topics addressed,” said the official.

This model is currently being applied in Merida, but the state official indicated that it could be extended to transport concessionaires in other municipalities.

The Yucatan Times



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