PROFEPA buried stranded dolphins on the beach of Punta Cancun

Authorities buried the stranded dolphins on a Cancun beach. (Photo: Profepa)

Authorities carried out an autopsy on the three dolphins that got stranded and ended up dying on the coast of Punta Cancun.

(CANCUN, Q. ROO – PROFEPA).- The three dolphins that ran aground on a Cancun beach were buried by personnel from the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) in Quintana Roo.

According to preliminary information, Profepa staff became aware of the case reported through social networks, about three dolphins that ran aground on the beach in Punta Cancun .

After this, the environmental personnel went to the aforementioned coast to carry out an inspection of the specimens, they found that they corresponded to the Peponocephala electra species.

It was also reported that measures were taken to perform a necropsy on the dolphins in order to find out the cause of their death, after which the same environmental personnel buried the bodies in an  undisclosed location.


There is no single cause why dolphins , whales, or cetaceans run aground on beaches. The factors are diverse and range from natural causes to the effects of human activity.

On the first, it is believed that the dolphins run aground because they lose their way when the leader of the group becomes disoriented due to a problem with his ears that does not allow him to catch the echo of the clicks that he emits to find his way.

If the lead dolphin gets caught in shallow water, the rest of the pod will follow.

Another natural factor is the effect of tides, storms and other phenomena that alter currents, causing them to become disoriented.

Meanwhile, among the causes caused by human activity is the lack of food due to pollution, collision with tourist boats or excessive traffic.

What do I do if I find a dolphin stranded on a Cancun beach?

The first thing is to notify the authorities so that they channel experienced personnel, whether the dolphin is alive or not.

If the dolphin is still alive, it is important not to get too close so as not to cause stress or make it move abruptly. It is also not wise to feed him or make him drink water.

In fact, the only thing recommended is to keep its spiracle (upper opening) clear so that it can breathe.

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