“Our children are the victims, not you”, parents of children with cancer will sue AMLO

Parents of children with cancer in AICM. (Photo by @LeoBlack1009)

Parents of children with cancer assured that the shortage of medicines is a reality caused by the negligence of many officials

(MEXICO – LÓPEZ DORIGA DIGITAL).- Organizations of parents of children with cancer indicated that they will file a lawsuit for moral damages against President Andrés Manuel López Obrador after the president accused that it was a movement sponsored by private initiative and that the demonstrations against the shortage of medicines have been against his government.

“We will go before the competent Courts to sue you and other public officials for moral responsibility and demand reparation for the damage you have caused us,” they said.

Through a statement, the parents of minors with cancer assured that the shortage of medicines is a reality caused by the negligence and irresponsibility of many public officials that has cost the lives of more than 3,000 children.

“The victims are our children, not you,” they explained.

They pointed out that their fight is not against any government and less against any servant but for the lives of their children and for the supply of chemotherapies and medications for minors in a timely manner.

They stressed that they have no link with the private pharmaceutical initiative or with any media outlet, as, they assured, President López Obrador maliciously pointed out.

They indicated that the statements by the president and high-level officials have led to a public lynching, death threats to their families, for which they demanded that the persecution, slander and lies against them cease every time they raise their voices due to to the shortage

Finally, they denounced the shortage of the following medications : Imatinip, 6-Marcaptopurine and Cyclosporine in the Federico Gómez Children’s Hospital and as well as the shortage that exists in more than 15 hospitals in the country where children with cancer are treated .

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