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Online legal status of sports betting in the Yucatan Peninsula

by Yucatan Times
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Sports betting in Mexico is popular throughout the country including in Yucatan. The province shares the same overarching gambling laws as the rest of Mexico.

The government guidelines regarding gambling are for the most part clear. Unlike the USA, where rules vary from state to state, in Mexico, all 31 states offer sports betting.

Guide to Online Betting in Yucatan

Since 2004 when the laws were relaxed, Mexico has allowed bricks and mortar casinos to operate a set amount of number-based games.

Online gambling is a different matter and is for the most part unregulated. Residents in Yucatan are not technically allowed to gamble at online casinos.

For example, someone in the Yucatan province would be perfectly able to access an online sportsbook. Web-based gaming is not illegal in Yucatan, so players have lots of opportunities for exciting gameplay.

Offshore betting

Offshore online sports betting is growing in popularity in Mexico all the time. A major reason for this is that the offshore companies are stronger and there are many more of them. While there are Mexican based online casinos, they need to be licensed for players to enjoy legally.

Another factor in the legalities of online sports betting is that the Mexican government has been focusing on land-based gambling endeavors. This has left the field more open to international operators. There are no specific rules regarding offshore online sportsbooks.

In Yucatan, offshore sports betting companies also score popularity points because they are not subject to the 10% tax imposed on customers of state gaming venues.

However, the climate is changing all the time, so it is wise for anyone unsure to check on the latest guidelines.

Residents should be aware that while offshore betting is currently a good option in Yucatan, the situation may alter. The Mexican government is focused on bringing in more regulation and control over the rapidly growing market.

Sports betting in Mexico

Sports betting in Mexico is legal in the case of licenses being given out to vendors and venues.

National and international sports events are big business for operators. Some of the largest of these provide a secure way to access wagers for all events. As mentioned, the online gaming market is not as controlled as physical sports venues.

There is little regulation on international operators, hence the offer of sports betting in Yucatan for residents and visitors alike.

Web-based gambling is not categorized as a separate type of betting activity. Online gaming is viewed as a different way to access the already licensed online collection of gambling possibilities.

Safety of online sports betting in Yucatan

It is generally safer for people in Yucatan to use intentionally known sport betting companies for making online wagers. That is because they will have internationally recognized incenses and experience in dealing with online operations.

Regulatory authorities based in the United Kingdom, Gibraltar and Malta provide highly regarded licenses. Any online sportsbook with links to licenses regulated from any of these nations will benefit from greater safety measures and legal safeguards.

Many of the world’s best and safest online sports betting companies are accessible from Mexico, so finding a suitable one should not be a problem.

Choice of sports betting in Yucatan and Mexico

The best online sports betting companies operating for players in Mexico provide a wide variety of sports events and competitions. Both Mexicans and visitors to the area enjoy playing a wide variety of games, so all sports need to be covered.

Operators also need to have a good level of customer support and assistance available in both Spanish and English. Customers should also be aware that while the Mexican peso might be the favored currency of players, many offshore operators will work with the US dollar.

As with all the most reputable bet makers throughout the world, sports betting companies operating in Mexico need to provide secure options for deposits and withdrawals. This plus the latest design specific changes to online visuals enabled for smartphones and mobile devices is part of the future for sports betting in the country.

The Future of Sports Betting in Yucatan and Mexico

As the Mexican government continues to look into the possibilities of new regulation on online sports betting, the overall view of online gambling will likely be more organized.

Right now, offshore companies dominate the country’s industry benefiting from the relaxed and unformulated rules. In the future, this could change significantly. But for now, it is relatively straightforward to wager on sports events safely within Yucatan and Mexico.

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