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Nearly 500 illegal migrants passed through Yucatán during 2021

by Yucatan Times
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During the past year, more than 2,000 undocumented migrants passed through the Yucatán Peninsula; highest number in 7 years

Mérida, Yucatán.- During 2021, in the Yucatán Peninsula just over two thousand foreigners from 50 countries were detected illegally transiting through this region of the Mexican Republic, the highest number in seven years, according to reports from the Ministry of the Interior (Segob). The information from the federal agency details that last year 2,488 foreigners were detained, of which 1,414 corresponded to Quintana Roo, 472 to Yucatán, and 162 to Campeche.

In the case of Yucatán there were 141 illegal immigrants from Guatemala; 113 from Cuba; 46 from Colombia and 37 from Honduras.

Of the total number of undocumented immigrants sent to the National Migration Institute (INM), a little more than half were returned to their country of origin, in compliance with international treaties.

In Yucatán, the increase with respect to 2020 was 113.6 percent. In the case of Yucatán, the lowest figure in the last decade was recorded in 2013, with 128 migrants. 2021 it was the highest, with the aforementioned 472 illegals, a figure with which it overtook 2019, when the sum was 349 undocumented migrants.

At the national level, from January to December 2021, a total of 187,231 immigrants were detained and transferred to the respective immigration stations in the country, for the clarification of their stay in national territory.

The increase with respect to 2020 was 127.28 percent. In that year the sum was 82 thousand 379 cases, which had been the lowest accumulated from 2012 to date.

Nine out of 10 migrants belonged to Central American countries and Caribbean islands, whose cases were detected at borders, airports, train and bus stations, etcetera.

There were 76,185 people from Honduras alone, 40.7 percent; followed by Guatemala, with 53,196 migrants, 28.4 percent; El Salvador, with 14,297 illegals, 7.6 percent; Haiti, with 13,606 undocumented migrants, 7.3 percent; Nicaragua, with 12,023 individuals, 6.4 percent; and Cuba, 6,141, 3.3 percent. These six countries accounted for 93.7 percent of the total number of undocumented immigrants.

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