Mexican YouTuber Chumel Torres criticized for saying that “no one wants to go to Yucatan”

Controversy of the youtuber and host Chumel Torres after a parody in his program El Pulso de la República. (Photo: Sispe)

Controversial pseudo-journalist Chumel Torres is under attack by many a Yucatecan for stating in his parody show that “nobody wants to go to Yucatan and Tabasco.” The YouTuber has been severely criticized on social networks

(MERIDA, YUC. – TYT).- Chumel Torres, host of the news program “El Pulso de la República” is a trend in the social networks for having spoken bad of the states of Yucatan and Tabasco, alluding to the fact that “no one wants to travel” to these points, and that if we could, Those of us who live here would go elsewhere. This during a parody in which he also criticizes Aeroméxico for its incursion into the Felipe Ángeles Airport. 

The program was broadcast Friday, February 10th, on his YouTube channel, and at one point in the humorous account of the latest news, Chumel Torres refers to the fact that Aeroméxico recently agreed to fly from the Felipe Angeles airport to Yucatán and Tabasco.

Chumel Torres making fun of Yucatecans

At that point, the communicator mentions that “traveling to Yucatan and Tabasco is the same as traveling to…  Hell,” and adds that the greatest attraction of both states “is to leave there.”

“No one wants to go to Yucatan and Tabasco (…) What is there in Yucatan and Tabasco besides certain death, malaria, cholera, iguanas and all those things that make up 80 percent of their water?”

Later, he continues with the news, but those few minutes he took to criticize Yucatan were enough to raise a wave of rage against him on social networks, from people who consider that his statements were out of place, totally inaccurate and insulting.

The aforementioned parody is from minute 19: 

The response of the youtuber has generated great controversy, in fact, content creator Alex Gómezhas stated that Yucatán “opened its doors” to Torres who is originally from the northern state of Chihuahua.

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