Merida residents oppose gas pipeline construction

Via: Reporteros Hoy

For the second time, residents of San Damian, a neighborhood located in southern Merida, demonstrated their rejection to the construction of gas pipelines in the area, as they consider this represents a potential risk.

MERIDA, MX.- The people who do not agree with this project, which is headed by Engie, have already organized to create the group ‘Defensores de San Daminán’ (Defenders of San Daminán) and by joining forces they believe they will not take their finger off the ball, as they allege that their safety and that of their families is at stake.

The reason why they do not want gas pipelines to be built in the area is that the settlements were established over subterranean caves and they want to avoid sinkholes, which have occurred in the past.

The neighbors who met today in the area indicated that the company’s workers know about the caverns under the streets and that they have been in charge of filling them, therefore, they complain that the company is already aware of the risk that this represents.

In addition, they have expressed their dissatisfaction because they point out that they were not informed about this project and that the company arrived overnight, so they do not even know if they have the corresponding permits to legally operate in the area.

Thus, with today’s protest, they are asking the state authorities to take their requests into account and, if possible, to help them so that the company can move its work to another area away from the residential zone.

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