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Mérida City Council is working to preserve the Maya language and culture

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During the formal act, the girl Rubí May Arjona, from the Mérida’s community of Tzacalá made a declamation in Maya language.

(MERIDA, YUC. – MERIDA CITY COUNCIL).- In order to keep alive the cultural roots that consolidate the Municipality as a community alive with traditions and customs, the Mérida City Council celebrated the International Mother Language Day and the third anniversary of the Municipal Institute for the Strengthening of the Maya Culture.

At the commemoration, which took place in the “La Ermita” park, Mayor Renán Barrera Concha stressed that the care, preservation and dissemination of the Maya language is a constant task that the City Council carries out in collaboration with society and the private sector in order to defend our mother tongue.

In this sense, he indicated that, together with the State Government and civil society, a Municipal Strategic Plan is being prepared for the Strengthening of the Maya language in the Municipality of Mérida, which will make its current situation visible, as well as the lines that make it possible to achieve a bilingual Mérida.

He also added that the workshop “Guardians of the Word: Kuxa’ano’on (we are alive)” will be given to companies that have contact with citizens, so that they are allies in the promotion, dissemination and revitalization of the Maya language. 

Barrera Concha announced that his administration will soon sign a collaborative agreement with the Valladolid City Council to work in the artistic field, in addition to carrying out cultural activities in aspects such as knowledge, development and dissemination of the same, including the original peoples of the country, through the establishment of actions that allow linking the cultural sector with the educational, tourism, social development, environmental and economic sectors.

The Mayor said that among the municipal actions of the Mérida City Council, two stand out:

The workshop “Táan In Kanik Maaya” (I learn Maya) which was taken by the staff of the Citizen Attention Unit

And the “Kin wáantikech” (I help you) service telephone line in Maya language to be launched both by telephone (Ayuntatel), and in the citizen service modules of the Municipality.

At the end of the event, a group of students from the Municipal Institute for the Strengthening of Maya Culture sang “Las Mañanitas” in the Maya language for the mayor on the occasion of his birthday.

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