‘Mérida Advertising Expo 2022’ at the Siglo XXI Convention Center, March 11-12

(Photo: Quadratin)

(MERIDA, YUC. – ADVERTISING EXPO).- With the aim of presenting everything necessary in advertising in one place, Lamadrid and associates presented the ‘Mérida Advertising Expo 2022’, which will take place at the XXI century convention center, on March 11 and 12.

According to what was reported by Pedro Ramírez Lamadrid, CEO of the Advertising Expo, this event will concentrate different types of advertising in one space, so that those who need to advertise can have the best options to do so.

“We will have graphic arts, advertising packaging that is currently booming due to the issue of delivery, media, conventional, non-conventional, point of sale promotional items and a pavilion for new technologies,” he said.

Likewise, he reported that the arrival of a significant influx is expected, which can be sure that all the health protocols imposed by the authorities will be in place, so that it is not a source of COVID-10 contagion.

“The parameter that we had in the last edition that we were able to do previously without a pandemic was 3,800 attendees,” he reported.

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