Maya-speaking population decreases 10 percent in Yucatan in recent years

(Photo: Yucatan a la mano)

Of the 68 native languages ​​spoken in our country, 10 are at the top, that is, they are among the most widely spoken, the first is Nahuatl, and the second is the Maya language.

(MERIDA, YUC. – MERIDA CITY COUNCIL).-On Monday, February 21st, authorities of the municipality of Mérida held the celebrations for the day of native languages, recognizing the work of the Municipal Institute for the Strengthening of Maya Culture, which celebrates three years since its foundation.

The Director of Culture of the Mérida City Council, Irving Berlin, said that the Maya language is one of the most widely spoken in Mexico, being one of the most important native languages ​​of our country, so it must be strengthened.

Although the authorities have carried out work to preserve it, the reality is that a large number of Maya-speakers has been lost in recent years, according to figures provided by the municipal president Renan Barrera Concha.

The mayor stressed that currently 242 people will graduate who will master the Maya language, and who will be able to be recognized as an interpreter of this original language, in order to continue preserving their existence and sharing their knowledge.

“2019 was the year we created this institute, the Maya Language academy has been operating since the 1990s, and today we have 242 students who are about to graduate,” said the mayor.

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