Man nearly killed his brother after finding him with his wife in Kanasin, Yucatan

The man managed to be arrested, while his brother was taken to hospital. (Photo: Sipse)

The events occurred when Ángel Eduardo “N” returned to his house and upon entering he found them in a compromising situation.

(KANASÍN, YUC. – MUNICIPAL POLICE).- A went crazy when he entered his house and found his brother in a “compromising” situation with his wife, which caused him to attack him with a knife  in a subdivision of this municipality.

The events occurred around 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 22nd, when Ángel Eduardo “N”, 37 years old, returned to his home, located at 6-H street, of the San Ángel subdivision in Kanasín, and found his brother Martín Rafael “N”, 44 years old, in a rather compromising situation with his sentimental partner.

Due to the above, Ángel Eduardo “N”, blinded by rage, grabbed a 25-centimeter-long knife and stabbed his brother several times.

After the attack, Ángel Eduardo “N” fled the scene, but was apprehended minutes later by agents of the Kanasín Municipal Police and was handed over to Agency 23 of the Public Ministry facing charges for attempted murder.

As for the injured man, he was treated by paramedics from the Kanasín Police Department, but given the seriousness of his injuries, he had to be transferred immediately to the O’Horán Hospital.

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