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Residents of the community of Sucopo, municipality of Tizimín reported to Animal Welfare Foundation a man who hanged his pet and then threw it on the roof of his house

(TIZIMIN, YUC. – TYT).- An inhabitant of the community of Sucopo in Tizimín hanged his dog with a rope and shouted that it better die, the madman left the animal suspended for several minutes and then the subject threw the animal’s body on the roof of his house, which caused neighbors to report what happened to the Animal Welfare Foundation.

They presented photographic evidence so that the authorities can proceed against this person whom they identify as Daniel Bah.

The case was attracted by the Animal Welfare Foundation- The subject and his wife, Manuela Uitzil, were both denounced, because both were seen torturing and hanigng the poor animal.

Next door neighbors reported that the man hit the dog repeatedly while the wife put a rope around the dog’s neck, the subject was enraged when he threw the dog furiously to the roof of the house, then left her suspended in the air and later make the dog hits the roof hard.

As we said before, residents provided footage they recorded with their cell phones and demand that this subject be punished.

The people of Sucopo stated that they will not allow this type of abuse against animals anymore and that in their community many people attack pets and even poison them sometimes too.

The activist Lucy López mentioned that this fact will have to be brought before the authorities, so that responsibilities are established against the people who are responsible for this crime, likewise, the support of the legal department will be sought to rescue the pet.

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