Major operation in Merida hospital for transfer of Q. Roo criminal leader

Star Medica Hospital in Merida.

“El Johnny”, leader of the criminal group “La Barredora”, was transferred to a private hospital in the Yucatecan capital after being wounded in an attack.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- With a strong operation, elements of the National Guard and the Attorney General’s Office are guarding the Star Medica Hospital, located north of Mérida, as J.I.N.F., alias “El Johnny”, leader of the criminal group “La Barredora”, in Quintana Roo, was transferred there after being seriously wounded during an attack.

It was reported that at the time of the attack, “El Johnny” was with a woman, who died as a result of the shots he received, while the criminal leader was wounded in the right forearm.

Due to the seriousness of his wounds, “El Johnny” was taken to the general hospital in Chetumal, where he said his name was Carlos Israel May Pech, however, upon reviewing his characteristics in Plataforma México and the databases of federal authorities, it was confirmed that he was J.I.N.F., who was recently released from the Cozumel jail.

Subsequently, the subject was transferred to the private hospital in Merida, where he arrived at 7:00 p.m. in an ambulance, which was guarded by several National Guard vans.

The area is under heavy surveillance by federal authorities, as it is feared that an attack may be directed against the criminal, and they are awaiting an arrest warrant against him for the crimes of homicide and drug trafficking.

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