Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

This boom has allowed companies dedicated to this sector to boost their sales, as China is not sending that many products to Mexico due to high import costs.

(MERIDA, YUC. – CANAIVE).- The president of the National Chamber of the Clothing Industry, Yucatan Delegation, Jorge Moreno González, announced that they have started 2022 with good numbers, and arehave a great outlook when it comes to planning international exports.

However, despite the increase in work, more labor is needed, so they are looking for new seamstresses and embroiderers.

“This start of the year has been quite busy with a lot of motivation, a lot of substance, a lot of work, we have a lot of orders, now what we need are hands to work,” he said.

And it is that the modifications to Chinese exports make the costs for that country higher, which is why the great poles of clothing are turning to look at Mexico, which benefits the country and the state of Yucatan.

“There is a factor in China that many companies can no longer sew, all this means that brands are turning to Mexico again as their first option, so there is an excess of orders, there are more orders than we can handle,” he said.

Finally, he pointed out that they are even preparing exports to the Middle East, to places like Dubai, where they are preparing their first exports.

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