INM detained more than two thousand migrants, in the Yucatan Peninsula during 2021

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At the regional level, the greatest problem was registered in Quintana Roo, with an increase of more than 400 percent, followed by Yucatán, and in both cases the highest incidence in a decade was reported.

(MERIDA, YUC. – INM).- In the Yucatan Peninsula, during 2021, just over two thousand foreigners were detected, from 50 countries, who illegally transited in this region of the Mexican Republic, the highest figure in seven years, revealed the Ministry of the Interior (Segob).

Likewise, of the total number of undocumented immigrants who were sent to the National Migration Institute (INM), just over half were returned to their country of origin, in compliance with international treaties.

From January to December, 187 thousand 231 immigrants were detained in the Mexican Republic, and transferred to the respective migratory stations of the country, for the clarification of their legal stay in national territory.

During the past year, the immigration problem increased by 127.28 percent, compared to 2020, when the sum was 82,379 cases, the lowest accumulated from 2012 to date, due to Covid-19.

The statistics showed that nine out of 10 migrants belonged to six Central American countries and Caribbean islands, whose cases were detected at borders, airports, train and bus stations, etc.

Only from Honduras there were 76,185 people, 40.7 percent; followed by Guatemala, with 53,196 migrants, 28.4 percent; El Salvador, with 14,297 illegals, 7.6 percent; Haiti, with 13,606 undocumented immigrants, 7.3 percent; Nicaragua, with 12,023 individuals, 6.4 percent, and Cuba, with 6,141, 3.3 percent.

It should be noted that these six countries accounted for 93.7 percent of all undocumented immigrants.

The largest number of suspected illegals was detected, 22 in Chiapas, with 55,611 cases, followed by Tabasco, with 19,462 people, and to a lesser extent Colima, with seven migrants, and Morelos, with 49 undocumented immigrants.

While in the Peninsula there were 2,048 foreigners, one percent of the national total, of which, 1,414 are from Quintana Roo, 472 from Yucatan, and 162 from Campeche.

Therefore, they are among the 15 states with the lowest incidence of “Events of foreigners presented before the immigration authority.”

Quintana Roo is in 18th place in the national table, with 0.75 percent of the country’s total, Yucatan is in 24th position, 0.25 percent, and Campeche is in 28th place, 0.09 percent.

In Campeche, the migration problem grew by 90.6 percent, compared to the previous year; Quintana Roo, the increase was 435.6 percent, and in Yucatan, the increase was 113.6 percent.

In the case of Yucatan, the lowest figure, in a decade, was in 2013, with 128 migrants, in 2021 it was the highest, so it was superseded by 2019, when the sum was 349 undocumented immigrants.

Of the total number of cases detected in the region, 1,912 of those detained were from 20 countries in the Americas, 101 were from 20 European nations, 31 people were from nine Asian republics, three individuals were from the same number of African countries, and one from Oceania, specifically from Australia.

In the specific case of Yucatan, 141 are from Guatemala; 113 are from Cuba; 46 are from Colombia and 37 are from Honduras.

71.4 percent of all foreigners are from these three Central American and Caribbean island countries.
Likewise, 28 are from the United States; 25 are from El Salvador; 19 are from Venezuela and 11 are from Argentina.

Similarly, seven are from Belize; six from Nicaragua; five from Brazil and China, respectively; four from Canada, France and Israel, correspondingly, and three from Germany.

While two cases are from Peru and Italy, and the rest are from Belgium, Chile, Spain, Holland, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden and Uruguay.

According to the Segob, in the country there were 114 thousand 366 “Events of foreigners returned by the Mexican immigration authority”, of which, one thousand 116 correspond to the Yucatan Peninsula, corresponding to 25 countries.

The INM authorities of Quintana Roo returned 789 people; while in Yucatan there were 235 migrants, and in Campeche there were 92 foreigners who were sent to their country of origin.

In Yucatan alone, of the total, 124 were from Guatemala; 32 from Honduras; 23 from Colombia, and 14 from the United States, El Salvador and Cuba, respectively.

Likewise, five from Nicaragua; three from Argentina and Venezuela, correspondingly, while the rest is from Canada, Chile and Peru.

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