How Yucatan has Managed to Increase Tourism in 2022

Look at how Yucatan has increased tourism this year and what they can do to continue that trend

Although tourism in Mexico has undergone significant changes, the state of Yucatan has shown the ability to cope, adapt, and evolve, so jump on a private jet charter to Mexico and experience it for yourself.

According to the state’s tourism ministry, this is primarily due to the unrivaled beauty of its attractions. Yucatan has risen to the top of visitors’ favorite places in Mexico, with Merida as one of the most sought-after destinations. In addition, Yucatan is the Mexican destination with the most significant rate of increase in overnight guests, thanks to its ancient and natural treasures and a diverse selection of cultural events and tourist attractions. In terms of total tourist arrivals, the state came in ninth overall.

Despite the pandemic, Yucatan has had two years of consecutive growth up until last year because of increased air connection, product development, and the application of strict health and safety regulations. In terms of health and safety measures, Yucatan has adopted the Yucatan Biosecurity Risk Prevention program, which follows the World Travel and Tourism Council’s strict health and safety guidelines.

Another major triumph was Yucatan attracting more than 11 billion pesos (about $584 million) in private tourism investment in hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, as revealed by Gov. Mauricio Vila, not only in the capital but throughout the state.

According to tourist officials, 104,000-plus seats and six new routes have opened up new markets for the state. In addition, the capacity at Merida airport has doubled thanks to a new terminal and infrastructural enhancements. With over 60 new tourism items revealed in the state’s six tourism zones, sustainable tourism also plays a role in the destination’s growth. The ecotourism resort of Tekax, for example, is seeing record visitor numbers.

Tekax, also known as the “Sultan of the Mountain,” is situated atop the peninsula’s highest point. It takes just over an hour and a half to travel from Mérida, and it offers a variety of activities for visitors of all ages and interests, including history, scenery, Maya settlements, gastronomy, caves, and plenty of adventure!

So, how can they continue this trend and not rest on their laurels? To attract tourist traffic to your target location, one of the most important jobs of a tourist board organization is to research and analyze the primary objectives of your country’s marketing plan. Then, you can promote your country in a variety of ways.

Accessibility – According to research, people are more inclined to return to a city, town, or area if they can easily navigate it. So, to provide a high-quality, consistent experience, make sure that all components of your tourism signs and visitor information are coordinated. This includes considering how to give information in several formats before, during, and following the visit.

Data – Knowing your guests and where they’re coming from when visiting your tourist attraction is the most critical component of establishing a good marketing campaign. Many tourist places use cellphone GPS data to learn more about their guests’ demographics and psychographics. These analytics indicate the lifestyle qualities of your potential visitors beyond demographic criteria like age, income range, and gender. When the studies are finished, they can be used to target the types of visitors who are more inclined to visit their destination.

Partnerships – This strategy is about forming alliances with organizations that share your interests to get new resources and create trust. Hotels, restaurants, tour operators, travel brokers, entertainment venues, and even local governments from your country can form such agreements. These parties will be able to apply your marketing efforts alongside their advertising tactics and build visitor interest in the target country if you discuss your goals and branding ideas with them.

Digital – Collaborate with a developer to create a smartphone app that promotes local events. The app can be customized to display hotels, restaurants, shops, events, and other helpful tourism information such as directions, information centers, public restrooms, and suggested itineraries.

Story – Every location has a unique narrative to tell. That is what attracts visitors who want to live and express their own narrative. People want to go somewhere special to brag about it to their buddies. That’s why having the appropriate picture and telling the correct story for your destination is critical.

VR – Video marketing is a powerful tool for boosting your country’s marketing campaign. Videos can advertise the region’s key areas of interest or incorporate other travelers’ personal experiences of the country during their vacations there because videos are easily shared on social media platforms. To take it a step further, virtual reality marketing is an excellent tool for giving your target visitors a more personal experience of your nation from the comfort of their own homes. The possibilities are endless! Include virtual experiences of a hotel or resort, a local restaurant, or virtual tours of the region’s major landmarks.