Happy Chinese New Year: The Water Tiger

Chinese New Year: What the Year of the Tiger means for every sign – full list

CHINESE NEW YEAR symbolises the beginning of a new lunar cycle, represented by one of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. As we edge further in to the Year of the Tiger, what is the forecast for your sign?

Chinese New Year has arrived, with two weeks of celebrations underway to mark the Year of the Tiger. Billions of Chinese people across the world have welcomed the new lunar year, but what does the Tiger really symbolise? What does the year ahead have in store for you?

The Chinese lunar year has officially arrived as the Year of the Tiger begins.

While this isn’t the first year represented by this bold zodiac animal, it will be the first year of the Water Tiger sign since 1962 and before that, 1902.

People born in the Year of the Tiger are characterized as being brave, confident, and competitive – but it’s not just people born under the Tiger that will be affected by 2022’s zodiac symbol.

All 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac will lead a different path between now and February 2023, but how does your luck fare in the Year of the Water Tiger?

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