Former First Lady and Mexican actress Angélica Rivera reappears with a challenge on TikTok

The Mexican actress also known as “La Gaviota” (the seagull), and former first lady, as she was married to ex-president Enrique Peña Nieto, fulfilled a TikTok dance challenge with her daughters Sofía and Fernanda.

(MEXICO – TYT).- More and more celebrities are being seduced by the short video platform TikTok, where through 15-second choreography they have shown their best steps and synchronization capacity. The most recent participant is Angélica Rivera, the actress and former first lady of Mexico reappeared on camera after a long time.

“La Gaviota”, is the nickname Rivera got from her role in the soap opera “Destilando amor” (Brewing Love), in which she co-starred with in 2007.  danced a popular challenge set to the song “Don”, by the Argentine group Miranda.

Although the original video was shared from Fernanda Castro’s account, it was Sofía who took advantage of the fun moment to challenge her father, the producer José Alberto ‘El Güero’ Castro, to also be encouraged to enter the platform’s challenges.

” We beat you Guero! My mother’s first TikTok “, Angélica and José Alberto’s daughter wrote between laughing emojis.


Te ganamos GUERO MEX! Primer tiktok de mi mamá 😂 me robe el tiktok de @fercastro991 #tiktok #gaviota

♬ sonido original – Sofía castro


Although the choreography that Rivera danced with her daughters involved jumps and fast movements, her performance was applauded even by Mexican actress Ana Martín , who wrote to her: “My dear Gaviota on TikTok, as wonderful as always”.

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