Foreign Direct Investment to rescue Campeche’s economy

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For several years the economy of Campeche has been limited due to lack of investment

(CAMPECHE – TYT).- Due to past administrations who were responsible for sinking Campeche due to lack of investment, one of the new administration’s commitments will be to reactivate the state’s economy by investing and allowing the entry of foreign companies.

It must be remembered that many companies emigrated from the city due to the lack of sales, this was reflected in businesses such as restaurant chains who were forced to close their branches due to the lack of economic fluidity in the city, and this therefore it ended up generating irreparable losses as the unemployment rate increased.

In addition to the pandemic, many businesses in different parts of the city did not resist the restrictions and high infections, which is why unemployment statistics skyrocketed, as they increased as a result of uncertainty due to the bad financial streak that the state of Campeche is going through.

Given this, the Government of the State of Campeche has put full interest in the most economically affected sectors in the state and recognized that the lack of investment by past governors was the cause of Campeche being one of the states with the least foreign investment.

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