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Five types of Mexican “Mole” that you must try

by Yucatan Times
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Mole is one of the classic dishes of Mexican gastronomy, characterized by being a sauce based on a mixture of chilies, seeds, tomatoes, achiote and other spices, which over time has taken different presentations.

(MEXICO – TYT).- Most of us have tried the traditional Mole Poblano, the ‘Mole de Olla‘ and the Mole Verde, but have you ever heard of  Pink Mole, flavored with pineapple and pomegranate? If your answer was “no”, join us to discover these 5 types of mole that you may not have known, but you should try.

Its origin dates back to pre-Hispanic times, where it was offered to the gods as a token of gratitude after long journeys.


white mole

(Photo: Preguntale a la abuela)

The White Mole or also known as Bridal Mole, as its name suggests, is characterized by having a light (alnost white) color.

This recipe was created more than 30 years ago by chef Alicia Gironella for her daughter’s wedding.

“For this I had to go through several trials in the experimental kitchen of the Institute of Gastronomic Culture until I finally got what I wanted,” explains Gironella in Larousse Cocina.

Some recipes usually prepare the mole with pulque as a base (cured oatmeal or coconut or uncured) and also sherry. Lightly roasted white corn tortillas to thicken and white chocolate to add the sweet touch. Peanuts, peeled almonds and chile güero can vary in different recipes.


pink mole

(Photo: Preguntale a la abuela)

This is a rare type of Mole, traditional in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

Its characteristic pink color is acquired thanks to its ingredients such as pink pine nuts, pomegranate and beets; the spicy touch comes from the chipotle pepper and the sweetness is achieved with white chocolate.

Some ingredients vary depending on the recipe, whether with anise, cloves or sesame seeds. A touch of mezcal is also included in some recipes, and to garnish it, pine nuts and bougainvillea are wonderful.


yellow mole

(Photo: Preguntale a la abuela)

This mole, originally from Oaxaca, is a little less known than the pink or white mole.

Its main ingredient is the yellow chilhuacle, an endemic chili from the Oaxacan region known as Cañada Chica and which is often replaced by guajillo chili, since it is difficult to obtain and therefore its price is high.

In this mole, the corn dough is also used to thicken and depending on the chosen meat, the aromatic herb that will be used can be holy herb for chicken, chipilín for beef or cilantro for pork.


(Photo: Preguntale a la abuela)

This dish is particular, since it is made from fruits that fill it with textures and ingredients that add sweetness to the sauce.

It is considered a typical dish from Puebla and Oaxaca, where fruits such as apple, pineapple, pear or plantain; may vary depending on recipe.

Chiles can vary between ancho chili and Oaxacan pasilla, depending on the recipe. Like the fruits that can change the apple for the pear.


black mole

(Photo: Preguntale a la abuela)

Also known as black stuffing, it is one of the main dishes of Yucatecan food, made from burnt Cha’Wa (Yucatecan) chilies. Cooking it underground is a tradition so that the smoke flavor is well impregnated.

Previously it was customary to accompany  with rabbit and wild boar meat, until at the time of the Conquest it began to be eaten with pork and chicken. Currently, it is common to consume it with turkey.

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