Embassy of Mexico in Ukraine prepares to evacuate Mexican nationals

(Photo: El comentario)

The Embassy of Mexico in Ukraine prepares for the displacement of nationals who wish to leave Kiev.

(MEXICO – SRE).- The Embassy of Mexico in Ukraine is preparing for the evacuation of Mexicans in that country in the face of the growing threat of a Russian invasion.

Through an email, the Embassy informed the nationals that this Wednesday, February 16, the transfer of those who wish to leave Kiev will take place.

Mexicans who decide to leave the capital will be transferred to southwestern Ukraine, particularly to the city of Ivano-Frankivsk.

The Embassy will cover travel expenses, as well as food and lodging costs for a period of seven days. The diplomatic representation will also cover the return to Kiev.

In case the circumstances warrant it, the permanence in the southwest of the country could be extended, and if necessary, a land crossing outside the borders of Ukraine will be carried out”, the Embassy explained.

The people displaced by the embassy will only be of Mexican nationality with their spouses and children.

We urge people who are not interested in being displaced by the embassy to assess the possibility of moving to the western and southwestern regions of the country, as a preventive measure,” the Embassy exhorted.

The representation stressed that it is a preventive measure and asked the compatriots to remain calm.

The Yucatan Times