Delivery truck catches fire near Dzilam Bravo, Yucatan (Watch Video)

The driver overturned on the Dzilam Gonzalez-Dzilam Bravo highway and managed to get out of the truck before the fire started.

(YUCATAN – SSP).- In less than 24 hours, several drivers have had their vehicles burned after suffering an accident, this was the case of a truck from the Yucatecan company Bepensa that was traveling from Dzilam Bravo to Dzilam González, when the driver suddenly lost control of the vehicle, went off the road, got out of the unit and in a matter of two or three minutes the whole car was on fire.

The mishap occurred on Monday, January 31, around 11 in the morning when the employee JCC, was driving the Volkswagen Saveiro truck and at kilometer 31 he fell asleep and lost control of the steering wheel and left the road.

The guider got out of the truck as best he could and in a matter of minutes it began to burn.

Firefighters arrived at the site and extinguished the fire.

The driver was injured and was assessed by SSP paramedics and then transferred to the hospital.

Agents of the State Police became and took notice of the traffic event.


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