Customers start a fight inside a restaurant in Progreso, Yucatan

(Photo: Por Esto)

A well-known restaurant in the port of Progreso was the scene of a fight in which several clients began to attack each other while the neighbors witnessed the act

(PROGRESO, YUC. – SSP).- A fight inside a well-known restaurant located west of the port of Progreso led to the arrest of a couple of individuals in charge of the municipal police, who arrived immediately after a citizen complaint.

The lawsuit broke out in the “Aristos” restaurant located at Calle 29th between 100 and 102 in the “Canul Reyes” neighborhood, at approximately ten o’clock on Tuesday, February 1st, when according to witnesses, they began to hear bottle banging and shouting from the upper area of ​​the place.

Witnesses mention that there were about five people who for brief moments were physically assaulting each other and even caused the breaking of one of the windows of the place.

Clientes se pelean dentro de restaurante en Progreso, Yucatán | PorEsto
(Photo: Por Esto)

At the arrival of municipal police patrols, those involved chose to escape together with their companions, among whom were several women who took their way to the beach and to 31st Street Avenue with the purpose of not being intercepted by the authorities.

Before the usual closing of the place, employees began to turn off lights and evict personnel in order not to cause more problems, as many onlookers remained around the restaurant recording the scene with their cellphones.

Soon, the police cars were also withdrawn along with the two people who were consigned to the public jail for disturbing the public peace.

The annoyance among the complainants who communicated with this correspondent was that this type of confrontation has been unleashed on a daily basis at night, without any closure involved, and citizen complaints about it are also constant.

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