Construction companies take advantage of the investment boom in Yucatan

(Photo: CMIC)

Construction sector take advantage of the growing private investment in the industry to develop.

(MÉRIDA, Yuc. – CMIC).- Construction companies take advantage of the investment boom to develop, given the lack of public works, which was the main provider of work for this sector, announced the president of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry in Yucatán (CMIC), Raúl Monforte González.

“Since last year, important efforts have been made to connect companies affiliated to the CMIC with the private initiative, mainly with developers who are focused on planning, but are not directly dedicated to managing the work, which is why they subcontract to Yucatecan companies, so it is a good source of business opportunities”, he specified.

When recently taking the leadership of the CMIC, he said that this plan will continue because it has had good results after being affected by the presence of Covid-19.

Yucatecan construction companies have begun to carry out their work in all sectors, from residential, commercial or industrial works, due to the quality with which they have performed, this being a characteristic of Yucatecans.

“Developers who want to establish some contact approach us, because they need people to build them and subcontract to those who supervise their start, as well as their conclusion, but mainly that they fulfill what they promise in the contract, as well as the quality that they offer, which is one of the distinctive characteristics of the Yucatecan”, he indicated.

All this is due to the decrease that occurs in the construction of public works, which was important for the local sector, so now it is turning to see the private initiative that carries out these projects to generate opportunities.

What stands out is that companies that did not “take this leap” now do, although it has been a bit difficult. However, the characteristics of both sectors are different, so many times it was a better choice to carry out public works.

“This jump sometimes takes a bit of work, that is why we do not leave them alone, we provide them with contact, we support them in the integration of their documentation as well as advice so that they can provide the service that construction companies require,” said local leader.

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