Company will provide transportation service from CDMX to the Felipe Angeles International Airport

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To facilitate the arrival of users and avoid mobility problems, a company will provide a transportation service from nine different points in the Valley of Mexico to the air terminal.

(MEXICO – TYT).- To facilitate the arrival of users at the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) , and avoid mobility problems, a company will provide a transportation service from nine different points in the CDMX metropolitan area to the air terminal.

Retired General Isodoro Pastor Román , CEO of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport Majority State Participation Company Variable Capital Corporation (AIFA SA de CV), reported that the company will offer the service at low cost.

There is a recurring question: how are we going to get to the airport without having to spend the amounts that Uber and taxis charge from Mexico City to this place?

There is a company that, with a very pertinent business vision, is going to place dedicated buses and vans, when I say dedicated it means that they are going to have enough compartments for their luggage that they are going to leave from those nine points in the city, and they are going to arrive at this airport, with a price that oscillates between 150 pesos, the furthest point, and 50 pesos the closest point to the airport”, explained General Pastor Román.

Those points are Perisur located 73 km from the AIFA, Santa Fe 65 km, the National Auditorium 55 km, the WTC 55 km and the International Airport of Mexico City 50 km.

The other points are Indios Verdes at 41 km, Ciudad Azteca at 35 km, Mundo E at 55 km and Cuatitlán Izcalli at 52 km from the AIFA, in Zumpango State of Mexico.

Obviously there are more companies that are going to participate, bus and taxi, that will be under the rates that are regular in the market, “said the administrator of the company AIFA SA de CV.

He explained that for the beginning of the operations of the air terminal, the taxis that operate under the application scheme, will be able to leave users in the AIFA, but they will not be authorized to pick up users, until the corresponding contracts are signed.

The extensions to the Mexico-Pachuca Highway will be ready for the inauguration of the AIFA on March 21, assured General Pastor Román.

He stressed that there will be no land mobility setbacks to reach the air terminal, located at the Santa Lucía Military Air Base, in Zumpango, State of Mexico, since the communication trunk with the Mexican Exterior Circuit.

The other route, which ensures that passenger users have no problem getting there, is the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense, and that interconnection that we have through Tonanitla, where a group of engineers just recently opened a road, approximately seven kilometers (km) long. This road is practically finished and ready.

You only have to interconnect it with the road distributor that will be ready by March 21st, and the Felipe Angeles International Airport will start operations in a timely manner, ” General Pastor Román concluded.

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