Changes at “La Reina” Zoo in Tizimín, Yucatán

The remodeled 'La Reina' zoo in Tizimín opens to the public. (Photo: Sipse)

A pair of tigers and other wild animals have been born in Tizimín

TIZIMÍN.- So far this year, there have been some changes at La Reina Zoo from animal births, the adjustment of Bengal tigers, as well as some modifications for the welfare of the tenants.

Last month four bighorn sheep were born and two days ago wild boars were born, which are under observation because the presence of people in the zoo represents a threat to the mother of the species.

In the last few months, adjustments were made to the cages for the well-being of the felines, especially where the lion has a physical problem and a wooden bed was adapted in an area of its cage.

As for the albino Bengal tigress “Shiva”, she went from eating 2 kilos of chicken to 6 kilos per day, according to the doctor Jaisamarai Cuxim Canul, in charge of La Reina park, “Shiva” has become very restless and there is currently another person who enters her cage to feed her. He points out that they are surprised at how she is adapting in her enclosure because she trusts the staff and the people who visit the zoo more.

Cuxim Canul explains that some of the good news at the recreational center is the bonding they have achieved with the pair of Bengal tigers they had separated, in only two months.

“There are advances of 70%; the first mating took place, but we do not know if there has been copulation, it may not have been successful, but it is an advantage because before they could not be together, now they are allowed more time and it is normal that we see aggression between them, people get scared but it is part of their instinct”, he says.

As for the reproduction of the other species, he says that a strange phenomenon is happening with the animals because before, due to the sanitary measures of Covid-19, the zoo was closed and there was only contact with the keepers.

Now the movement of people generates the stress of the tenants and with it a slow reproduction.

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