Campeche Restaurant sector fears an outbreak of infections due to the Easter holidays

Street in the old town of Campeche. Photo: (La Vanguardia)

Campeche restauranteurs indicated that they will continue to intensify sanitary measures in order to prevent the chain of transmission from increasing, as well as urging both visitors and locals about the importance of respecting the protocols.

(CAMPECHE, CAMP. – TYT).- While a high number of infections is registered in the state, and the mobility of citizens continues without control, the restaurant sector claim that after Easter the cases could skyrocket again.

This has caused uncertainty among businessmen about taking the investment risk, since they foresee a fall in their economy because the high numbers will generate more restrictions that limit their activities, as stated by the president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Spicy Foods in Campeche, Rodrigo Bojórquez Ruiz.

Likewise, several businessmen announced that the economic spill has come down hoping that in the Easter period they can rebound their sales, however they are aware that this will cause an increase in mobility and therefore more outbreaks of the virus which would be counterproductive for their business.

Similarly, they regretted that the sector is the hardest hit because to keep its economy afloat they depend on the behavior of the pandemic, as well as on the responsibility of the Campeche citizens, for this reason, they reiterated that the population in general must continue to take care of their health, the cases relatively compared to other cities is not so high, therefore everything must be valued so that there is a good vacation season with the participation of citizens and tourism.

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