Campeche maintains zero kidnappings in recent months

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This is the result of the good actions taken by the Campeche government to maintain security in the state.

(CAMPECHE – ALTO AL SECUESTRO).- As an example of the work that has been carried out in the current administration, and where one of the main axes where the hardest work is done is security, the state of Campeche continues to be among the states with the highest security.

And it is that, although in the rest of the country insecurity continues to increase, in Campeche, it is quite the opposite, as announced by the group “Alto al Secuestro”, corresponding to the month of January 2022.

The survey conducted at the national level, and headed by the activist Isabel Miranda de Wallace, and who was the National Human Rights Award in 2010, made the following statement.

In its recent publication, it places the state of Campeche among the 8 safest cities, maintaining the lowest kidnapping rate in the Mexican Republic, and even maintaining zero cases during the last months of 2021-2022.

That is, the 8 states where kidnapping crimes remained the same compared to December are: Baja California Sur (0), Campeche (0), Colima (0), Durango (0), Yucatán ( 0), Tabasco (1), Guerrero (3) and Puebla (3).

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