Campeche Governor asks students to return to face-to-face classes without fear

To return to schools it is necessary to control and reduce the number of infections. Photo: (Sipse)

The Federal Ministry of Education indicated that high school and university students who have two doses of the vaccine must attend the classrooms.

(CAMPECHE – STATE GOVERNMENT).- Due to the progress of vaccination that exists among teachers and some students, Governor Layda asked parents to take their children to face-to-face classes and called for “not to be afraid”, since they have vaccines and all the protocols.

She recalled that there is a face-to-face modality at the basic, intermediate and higher levels, for which she called on the teachers to interrupt the virtual courses, “even if only one student attends”, since it is important that education does not continue to be postponed, since there are records in some municipalities where many minors have abandoned their studies to start working, which would increase the figures of educational lag in the city.

On the other hand it was reiterated that teachers have already received their third booster dose and in addition to the health protocols in each campus there should be no risk of contagion.

However, this situation has parents alarmed because they are concerned because children under
12 years of age have not received any dose, which would be dangerous for this population group, which is why they insisted to the Health Sector to consider minors in the Days of Vaccination, then, would be a wise measure to reduce the risk of contagion inside the classrooms, as well as the return to classrooms only for university students.

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