Businesses in downtown Mérida registered low sales during the month of January

Businesses expect that with the approach of February 14, sales will increase little by little

(MERIDA, YUC. – TYT).- In a survey carried out in some businesses, stalls and merchants in downtown Mérida, they reported that the month of January was in decline, since the first days were of high sales, however, with the passage of weeks saw a decrease.

They attribute this “January slope” to the fact that society is recovering economically from the holidays, however, they consider that the rebound in cases due to the pandemic has complicated the outlook.

In this regard, “Lupe”, who is dedicated to selling ‘Tortas’, revealed that she had to reduce her production so as not to generate losses.

“Now I have to buy fewer bars, fewer things, because in addition to the fact that some products are already more expensive, I am not selling very well, of course, there are strong days, but during the week it is low,” she said.

And it is that when walking the streets of downtown Merida, it was notorious that the traffic of people has dropped in recent weeks, but it is expected that with the proximity of the celebration of February 14, sales will rebound.

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