A whole variety of flavors at the sixth National Tamal Fair in Mérida

(Photo: Yucatan ahora)

Visitors were able to taste Chicken, Pork, Black Stuffed, Sweet and Salty Tamales among other presentations

(MERIDA, YUC. – TYT).- Despite the weather conditions, entities such as Veracruz, Mexico City and of course the host Yucatan, were present at the Sixth National Tamale Fair that began this Saturday, the 5th of January, in a well-known Plaza to the West of the city.

Mole, green sauce, poblano slices, pineapple; the corn and pork meat from Veracruz; or the ones from home, the yucatecos of covhinita pibil, ground meat and espelón, variety of smells, colors and flavors, to delight the palate.

Although the day did not start in the best way due to the effects of the cold front, the exhibitors showed good spirits.

Evento en Mérida reunirá tamales de todo México | La Verdad Noticias
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“We offer sweets, 100 percent corn, it is treated grain by grain, no flour, each piece is selected for a better result, butter and milk cream are used to make it fluffy. There is a similar one, the same method, but with pork ribs,” said César Gómez, a Veracruz tamales merchant.

As has happened in all areas, the pandemic has had a forceful impact on this branch of gastronomy.

La Jornada Maya - Invitan a la Sexta Feria Nacional del Tamal en Yucatán
(Photo: La jornada maya)

The Fair had the participation of municipalities such as Tekax, Ticul and Muna, in addition to praising the traditional cooks of Mucuyché, community of Abalá, with the milpero tamale.

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