A decrease in the number of Covid infections in Yucatan is registered.

On Saturday, five deaths due to coronavirus were reported. Also, 44 people were hospitalized, and 153 new infections were reported. In addition, there are 677 stable patients, not hospitalized, supervised by the SSY.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán – New coronavirus infections continue to decrease in Yucatán. While on Friday 203 were reported, on Saturday, there were 153, according to the daily report issued by the Ministry of Health. However, the number of hospitalized patients increased slightly from 43 yesterday to 44 today.

There were also five deaths, two men and three women between 49 and 92. Of the 153 new cases, 133 were reported in Merida, 5 in Tixkokob, 3 in Progreso, 2 in Kanasin, Ticul and Umán, and 1 each in Cacalchén, Halachó, Hunucmá, Maxcanú, Mocochá and Motul.

In total, there are already 109,047 accumulated infections in the state throughout the pandemic, and 93 percent of them (101,456) are people who have already been cured, have no symptoms, and cannot spread the disease.

In Merida, there are already 68,022 accumulated cases, and of these, 17,531 have been in the north zone, 16,611 in the east zone, 6,435 in the center, 10,866 in the south 16,579 in the west zone.

As for the five deaths, two men and three women between 49 and 92 years of age suffered from comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, COPD, asthma, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

Of these people, four resided in Merida and one in Baca. In total, 6,870 people have died in Yucatan due to Covid-19.

Active cases up to this day are 677 stable patients with mild symptoms and 44 hospitalized in total isolation.

TYT Newsroom