Motorcyclist injured after running over a dog in Kinchil, Yucatan

(Photo: Yucatan al instante)

Miguel could not get to his work, because a dog suddenly crossed the road, causing the motorcyclist to lose control and skid several meters on the road.

(MERIDA, YUC. – SSP).- On Saturday, February 19, a motorcyclist who was on his way to work at a poultry farm in Kinchil, had an accident when a dog crossed his path in front of the Cobay School on the road that connects Kinchil with Tetiz.

Miguel Ángel Chim Borges, 27 years old, a resident of Tetiz, was driving his 125 FT motorcycle with a passenger.

Dog died instantly (Photo: Yucatan al instante)

Given the slip, the boy had a probable fracture of his left arm, while his partner had scrapes that did not warrant his transfer to a hospital, Chim Borges had to be treated by paramedics from the Y-10 ambulance of the Ministry of Public Security, and then transferred to the Agustin O’Horán Hospital in Mérida.

Municipal Police officers were in charge of the situation (Photo: Yucatan al instante)

Finally, agents of the Municipal Police were in charge of taking the motorcycle to the Comandancia, and also lifting the body of the canine which died instantly and was left lying on the side of this section to be  deposit it in the municipal dump.

The Yucatan Times