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12-year-old injured himself inside the classroom with a gun he took to school in Mexico City

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The student of Secondary School 79 Republic of Chile would have taken the weapon without permission of his father, a dentist, who assures that he had the pistol stashed at home to defend himself from insecurity

(MEXICO CITY – FGJ).- The gun that Uzziel, 12 years old, fired and with which he injured the ring finger of his left hand inside a classroom of the Secondary School 79 Republic of Chile, in the Iztapalapa district of Mexico City, would belong to his father, who had it to defend himself from insecurity. 

Sources from the Police and the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) in the capital indicated that Eleuterio “N” assured that the weapon was hidden in his home in the same district and that he did not realize when the minor took it and carried it to school.

The man, a dentist by profession and who has his office on the same property as his house, assured that he acquired the weapon after having suffered two armed robberies.

This was later confirmed by the authorities, who certified that the man had filed at least one complaint for robbery with violence in his office.

Eleuterio assures that he has a permit to have the weapon, a Glock .380, and that he acquired it at the facilities of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena).

However, the FGJ investigates if there is any commission by omission by the owner of the gun, who until the afternoon was still in the Public Ministry agency.

It was later confirmed that Eleuterio had already submitted a permit, but the document was still in process of authorization by the corresponding authority.

Meanwhile, the Public Ministry agent will define responsibilities in the events for which an investigation folder was initiated for carrying a weapon, which will be in charge of the Adolescent Prosecutor’s Office.

If the permit is false or not valid, the FGJ will send a breakdown to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), where the corresponding process for illegal possession of a weapon would be initiated.

In addition, the authorities have yet to formally collect the testimonies of the director and the high school teacher, as well as the minor, who could reserve his right not to testify.

Outside the campus, located in Calzada de La Viga, Luis Humberto Fernández, head of the Federal Educational Authority in Mexico City , said that the events occurred shortly after 08:00 in the biology laboratory and that all that morning shift group dropped out; each student in the company of his parents.

Meanwhile, the rest of the students, around 300, continued with their classes, said Carlos Rodríguez González, director of the high school morning shift, who assured that it is an isolated case and that in the six years he has been in charge of the campus a similar situation had never arisen.

In an information card, the FGJ indicated that as part of the proceedings to determine how the events occurred, the social representative is waiting for the student to finish receiving medical care and be in a position to give his testimony.

The institution added that, based on the National Law of the Comprehensive Criminal Justice System for Adolescents, no person under 14 years of age may be imposed the precautionary measure of preventive detention.


12-year-old Uzziel is still under care at the Coyoacán Pediatric Hospital , where he was expected to undergo surgery in the next few hours.

At 8:00 p.m., the minor was in the Emergency Room, where four experts from the local Prosecutor’s Office arrived. This area was guarded by elements of the Secretary of Citizen Security.

Hospital surveillance personnel reported that relatives of the child were with him before and after the operation.


The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum said that she will meet with representatives of the Federal Educational Authority in Mexico City, the Secretariat of Citizen Security and the Human Rights Commission “to have even safer schools, but in this case we do believe that it is an isolated case”.

At a press conference after the incident at the Escuela Seundaria República de Chile, Sheinbaum commented: “It is unfortunate, it must be said. Second: we are carrying out the Yes to Disarmament, Yes to Peace Program; we do not believe that there should be weapons in homes and this is an example of why there should be no weapons in homes, because an accident, a boy, a girl who picks up a weapon, who knows where it is, who does not know how to use it, can lead to terrible questions.

Every weapon that is destroyed, Sheinbaum said, “is a weapon that saves lives, it is a weapon that prevents a person from losing their life or being injured by a firearm.”

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