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Agents of the SSP and the PEI are working on the search for Dayana Guadalupe Silva Maas, 10 years old, who leaves her house and nobody knows anything about her.

(MERIDA, YUC. – SSP).- A 10-year-old girl leaves her house and left a note in which she only wrote “Bye mom, I’m leaving the house.”

At first the mother thought it was a joke and as the hours passed everything turned into anguish in the family property of the “Paraíso II, Ciudad Caucel” subdivision.

Her mother, Dalia E. Maas A., 28, deduced that she could be with her father on a property in the “Juan Pablo II” subdivision, where her father lives, but he assured that the girl never came to his house.

The girl wears a white blouse, pink pants, pink flip flops. She is almost 1.50 meters tall and has a dark complexion, black eyes and straight hair. If she sees you call the SSP at 9-1-1

Through social networks it was announced that the young 10-year-old Dayana was lost in Caucel in the city of Mérida.

Puede ser una imagen de una persona y texto que dice "Que Todo Ciudad Caucel Se Entere AI Extremo MelRob Vega 1h Se perdió niña de 10 años Hoy en Merida Caucel, viste un pans rosado blusa blanca es delgada, de piel morena, POR FAVOR AYUDA A ENCONTRARLA se llama DAYANA, Se puede comunicar a los números 9995088578 9995077242 ... una"

The relatives shared some details for the search for her, although it was not disclosed when she was last seen, according to what was reported by Dariana Silva, her aunt, she was lost on February 17.

If you have any news about the whereabouts of the young woman, you must contact the numbers 9995088578 or 9995055242.

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