Yucatan Tourism Sector fears cancellation of conventions due to the increase in Covid-19 infections

Centro Internacional de Congresos. (Photo: Sipse)

Tourist Sector asks the population to take extreme precautions in the face of the wave of coronavirus cases

Merida, Yuc. – CETUR, (January 17, 2022).- Businessmen warn about the risk that several Congresses and meetings could be cancelled, this if the cases of Covid-19 continue to increase in Yucatan.

According to Jorge Escalante Bolio, president of the Tourism Business Council (CETUR), there are events scheduled for the months of March and April, many of which have been waiting to take place since the pandemic began, and which are at risk of being lost.

“If the contagion situation worsens again, the events will be canceled again and maybe many of them will not return because if they have been waiting since 2020 and this will be moved until 2023, some will return, but most don’t. So, the economy sets us back again, ” he said.

He said that there is concern among tourism service providers because coronavirus infections have increased, apparently due to a lack of attention to protocols by people.

He called for extreme prevention measures so that the spread of the disease decreases.

“We must suspend the parties, use the preventive measures that everyone knows and that have been widely disseminated and eliminate all things that are massive so as not to harm the economy,” he remarked.


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