Yucatan State Police shuts down a clandestine party in Chicxulub Puerto, two arrested

(Photo: Por Esto)

More than two hundred people were drinking and dancing at the clandestine party, with no face masks or healthy distance, there were minors among the partygoers.

(CHICXULUB PTO. – YUC.- SSP).- A party with more than two hundred people including minors and in which there was illegal sale of alcohol, was closed by police authorities in the port of Chicxulub, Progreso municipality, , on Sunday, January 23 at four in the morning after complaints from neighbors.

The operation was carried out by agents of the Secretary of Public Security and the investigative state police inside a summer house located specifically on Calle 19 between 10 and 8.

It was found that after the arrival of the uniformed officers, the music stopped and several of those present began to flee by jumping the concrete fences of the property to enter the beach, however, all of them were detained by the authorities in order to find out who were the organizers of the event.

At that moment, several citizens locals from the Chicxulub community went in search of their partying relatives, generating a brief melee where the threats and projectiles at the police units were immediate.

It transpired that the identities of those who organized  the clandestine party were JEM, 28 years old, and JAP, 26, both of whom are being held in the public jail in order to initiate a process where they will give their corresponding statement, claiming possible crimes that would lead to them an economic fine of time behind bars.

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