On the first day of 2022, violence occurred in various parts of the state. The SSP reports injuries, deaths, and shootings at the beginning of the year.

(YUCATAN Mexico – SSP) – In a rare situation for a usually peaceful state, the beginning of the year 2022 in Yucatán was notoriously violent, according to the official report issued by the Secretariat of Public Security.

A total of three people were injured by gunfire in the port of Progreso. The perpetrator of the attack was detained by the authorities, while the three injured had to be taken to hospitals.

In addition, a pickup truck overturned on the federal free highway Merida-Cancun, Xcalacoop-Piste section. A man was found dead inside. The wrecked vehicle had license plates from Quintana Roo. SSP agents and elements of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) worked in coordination with the State Investigation Police.

The truck had two holes in one of its windows. The FGE specialists will be in charge of determining if they were caused by accident or if they were, as has been speculated, gunshot wounds.

Stabbing in Kanasín
The SSP reported that in the early hours of New Year’s day, a man was stabbed in the Villas de Oriente subdivision of Kanasín.

The victim was a drunk 28-year-old man injured with a knife in the abdomen while burning fireworks. The aggressor had previous problems with the victim. The injured person had to be taken to a hospital.

Injured with machete
The SSP also reported that in Chacsinkín, three people drinking alcoholic beverages suffered machete injuries inflicted by an individual who the neighbors recognize by the nickname of “Bryan.” However, with wounds to the head, face, and arms, the victims refused to identify him and said that they would not file a complaint.

In Tixcacalcupul, municipality of Yaxcabá, a 28-year-old man in a drunken state said that he was beaten with a pipe by two others, whom he will report, and had to be treated by paramedics for the injuries suffered.

In Villas de Umán, an alcoholic man suffered several injuries with a sharp object. He said he did not remember who or where he was assaulted.

In the Benito Juarez neighborhood of Progreso, a 26-year-old man was injured with a knife by acquaintances with whom he was drinking alcoholic beverages. He did not specify the characteristics of his alleged attackers.

New Year’s Eve operation
Concerning the SSP’s operation, four people were detained for drunk driving. In addition, the SSP installed 17 traffic filters and three-speed bumps on the Periferico and avenues of Merida. As a result, 68,581 vehicles were registered, of which 35,000 were on the Periferico.

The Ambulance Unit of the SSP reported that it attended 86 requests throughout the city.

Among them, 40 transfers to hospitals stand out, 11 for traffic incidents (including those that occurred on federal highways and in municipalities), 6 for motorcycle skidding, 5 for fireworks injuries, 2 for falls, 1 for smoke intoxication, and 13 for various pathologies.

In the case of those injured by fireworks, six males between 40 and 17 years of age had firecrackers explode near their faces, causing various injuries. The most delicate case is that of a 32-year-old man, to whom a “mortar” burst, causing him a fractured nasal septum and third-degree burns to his face and neck. Another, 40 years old, suffered second-degree burns to his face and eye damage due to the explosion.

As for the work of the SSP firefighters, they attended four traffic incidents, seven gas leaks, six property fires, two vehicle fires, and 17 brush fires.

Deaths in Merida
The SSP also reported a “hit and run” of a man, approximately 48 years of age in a motorcycle, at the Libélulas area west of Mérida. After the accident, the man was left lying in the brush on the side of the road next to his vehicle, a red Suzuki motorcycle.

In addition, a 30-year-old man driving a Voyager on Correa Rachó Avenue lost control of the vehicle, crossed the curb, went up onto the sidewalk, and struck a concrete structure. He died at the scene. 

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