Yucatan Restaurant Sector severely affected by the unstoppable price increase

Photo: (Reporteros hoy)

The restaurants are resisting this increase at the expense of their utilities, considering that if prices continue to go up they will have to increase the cost of the dishes on their menus.

(MERIDA, YUC. – CANIRAC), January 22, 2021.- The President of the National Chamber of Restaurants and flavored food (Canirac), Roberto G Canton, said the rise in prices that is currently being presented in products such as the Lemon, directly affects restaurants, hitting them on their production costs, and making their profits come down.

The above in order to protect the prices of its menu, and at the moment does not raise the cost of some dishes.

“Every day we will not be able to endure and we are going to have to raise our prices,” he said.

They expect conditions to be favorable and stabilize the rise in prices in the basic food products and in inputs for restaurants, but it will be something they will have to analyze during the coming months.

The inflation and the constant rise in the price of fuel are two other factors that have a lot to do with the increase in the prices of basic food products nationwide.

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