(Photo: Yucatan a la mano)

Mérida, Yucatán, (January 13, 2022).- Several public health experts have reiterated that the cloth mask is not functional before the Omicron variant, which is why it is now the Secretary of Health Mauricio Sauri Vivas, who calls the Yucatecans to avoid them.

In that sense, he said that the appropriate ones to face the Omicron variant are those for medical use, however, the trilayer is the most used.

“From the beginning, it is well known that a fabric face mask protects less than a three-layer, double-layer, or medical-grade mask such as KN 95, but in the specific case of Omicron it is described that it covers zero percent of the risk of contagion of COVID from this Omicron variant, ” said the health secretary.

On the other hand, he said that the cloth mask only helps reduce the risk of other diseases, but is not suitable for the pandemic.

“In reality what you are doing is reducing the risk of other diseases, such as the common flu, but not covid, it is very important that the ideal is to use a two-layer or three-layer mask,” he said.

He indicated that, although the delta variant still has a presence in the entity, the one that currently predominates is Omicron, so they call for precautions.

“As of today, the Omicron variant is already predominant, but the delta variant still has a presence in our state,” he said.

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