Yucatan Government promotes the cultivation of achiote plant

Mérida, Yucatán, (January 3, 2022) .- As one more alternative to improve and reactivate the economy of families in the Yucatecan countryside, the Yucatan Government promotes the cultivation of more than 300,000 achiote plants, which are intended for their commercialization in the food, pharmaceutical, textile, and cosmetic industries. This activity improves the quality of life of producers throughout the state.

The head of the Rural Development Secretariat (Seder), Jorge Díaz Loeza, explained that, as part of the start of this new scheme, in which 5 million pesos are invested, and that he will be coordinating together with municipal presidents and local farmers, the distribution of more than 100,000 plants of this species has already begun across the state.

Similarly, the official highlighted the importance of this natural dye for the environment, which through this project will help to combat deforestation, which is causing significant changes on our planet, in addition to helping to fix carbon and offer greater nutrients to the soil, to improve and obtain better performance from the land.

When reporting that the first beneficiaries of this new project were women, Díaz Loeza stressed that the Governor is seeking agreements with private companies, mainly local, to guarantee the purchase of production and, thus, contribute to more rural families having a better quality of life.

“It is important to underline that progress is being made in the agreements for the purchase of the final product, which is the annatto seed. There are Yucatecan buyers already interested who are requesting this essential condiment for traditional Yucatecan gastronomy ”, he highlighted.

On her side, Dominga Pech Dzul, who was one of the first to receive her specimen to start its cultivation, assured that, in addition to serving them for consumption, this delivery represents one more option to be able to take money home.

“They already gave us bean and corn seeds and, now, these plants. Little by little, we are producing and, if one does not come out, another comes out; the case is to have produced all year round to sell, and that our children have food and sustenance. Thanks to this Government, which has been concerned about bringing these programs closer to us, ” she said.