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Yucatán breaks historic number of suicides in one year

by Yucatan Times
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Two suicides, one in Mérida and the other in Abalá, on December 30, break the record of 245 cases.

A man took his own life at his home in Mérida, by way of hanging, which made it the 247th suicide of this year in Yucatán, and even though there are two days until the end of 2021, the historical mark of 245 cases has already been broken in 2019.

Hours later, a 25-year-old would join the list, who hanged himself in Abalá.

The first event occurred on December 30th, at dawn, in a house on 96th Street in the Francisco I. Madero neighborhood, in the west of the Yucatecan capital.

Around 3:00 a.m. a lady abruptly woke up having a bad feeling, so she got up and went to the room of her father, aged 80, but upon entering she found him hanging from the neck.

The woman picked up her father and, thinking that he was still alive, called for emergency services.

Paramedics from the Ministry of Public Security arrived at the scene, but they could only confirm that the man had died and requested the intervention of the judicial authorities.

Deadly discussion
Meanwhile, in Uayalceh, Abalá municipality, the cries for help alerted the whole town because a man was found also hanging from the neck, in his house patio.

Jorge “N”, 25 years old, after ingesting alcoholic beverages, went to his house, located a few blocks from the center of this small town, and began to argue with his wife.

Apparently, it all ended there, but around one o’clock in the morning, he went out to the patio and hung himself from a tree.

His wife, realizing that he had not slept in the room, began to call him, only to encounter the tragic scene.

At the moment she called for help and although municipal agents arrived, it was only to confirm that the young man no longer had vital signs.

Historical record of suicides in Yucatán
So far in 2021, there have been 247 suicides in Yucatán, including that of a 10-year-old boy, a figure that exceeds the 215 that occurred last year and has already broken the historical record of 245 cases in 2019, according to figures of the Secretary of State Health.

According to the Mental Health Unit of the Ministry of State Health, depression is the main trigger for people to attempt against their life and the causes are economic problems, lawsuits between couples, and thirdly terminal diseases and addictions.

Suicide prevention lines in Yucatán

In Yucatan, there are several lines of suicide prevention, which can be useful in a moment of despair. These are:

Salvemos una vida: 924-59-91, 945-37-77 y 075.
Facebook: Salvemos una Vida Radio.

Program for Suicide Attention: Programa para la atención del suicidio (PIAS): 9993 10-36-62.

Mental Health Support Free Line: Línea gratuita de apoyo a la salud mental de la Secretaría de Salud de Yucatán: 800-000-0779.

Línea de la Vida: 800-911-2000.
Facebook: Línea de la Vida.
Twitter e Instagram: @LineaDe_LaVida.
Correo electrónico: [email protected]

Líneas de apoyo emocional del Ayuntamiento de Mérida: 9994-54-10-81.

Línea mujer: 800-455-76-72,  999-923-09-73

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