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What are the penalties for spreading intimate photographic material online in Yucatan?

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So far, the Prosecutor’s Office has not ruled on this fact and the corresponding complaint by the UAM is not attached either, but it must be known that this type of crime can already be punished in Yucatan through the Olympia Law.

(MÉRIDA, Yuc. – SIPSE).- At the national level, the scandal that affects students of the Anáhuac Mayab University (UAM) of Yucatán and other university institutions, who were victims of digital violence when intimate content was disseminated without their consent in a Telegram group, has emerged. 

This Tuesday, January 18th, the UAM already ruled on the matter, indicating that this situation will reach the final consequences such as the expulsion of those responsible, and they also stated to be collaborating with the State Attorney General’s Office for the investigations of this case, since it indicates that said instance has opened an investigation and through The Cyber ​​Police are looking for those involved.

What is the Olympia Law?

The Olympia Law does not refer to a law as such, but to a set of legislative reforms aimed at recognizing digital violence and punishing crimes that violate the sexual intimacy of people through digital means, also known as cyber violence.

The following are behaviors that violate sexual intimacy: video recording, audio recording, photographing or making real or simulated videos of intimate sexual content, of a person without their consent or by deception.

Expose, distribute, disseminate, exhibit, reproduce, transmit, market, offer, exchange and share images, audios or videos of intimate sexual content of a person, knowing that there is no consent, through printed materials, email, telephone messages, social networks or any technological means.

How much is paid in jail for spreading intimate images in Yucatan?

If a person is found guilty of this crime in Yucatan, the conduct will be punished with a minimum sentence of six months to a maximum of five years in prison.

Likewise, with a minimum fine of one hundred to a maximum of 500 Units of Measurement and Update, equivalent to an amount of 8 thousand 962 pesos the minimum, and 44 thousand 810 pesos the maximum.

The minimum and maximum penalty will be increased by up to one half depending on these cases:

  1. When the crime is committed by the spouse, concubine, or by any person with whom the victim has or has had a sentimental, affective or trust relationship.
  2. When the crime is committed by a public servant in the exercise of his functions.
  3. When it is committed against a person who cannot understand the meaning of the act or does not have the capacity to resist it.
  4. When some type of non-profit benefit is obtained.
  5. When it is done for profit.
  6. When, as a result of the effects or impacts of the crime, the victim threatens his integrity or his own life.

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