Veracruz is accused of being under a Narco-government.

While Andrés Manuel López was expressing his “absolute confidence” in the governor of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García, an armed group linked to the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG), left the corpses of nine people in Veracruz.

VERACRUZ Mexico (Agencies).- An armed group linked to the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG) left the bodies of nine people in the Papaloapan basin with messages addressed to the secretary of the government of the state of Veracruz, Erick Cisneros Burgos, whom they accused of “supporting” the Sinaloa Cartel.

In AMLO’s morning conference, media questioned him about the political conflict between the president of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate, Ricardo Monreal Ávila, and the governor of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García Jiménez -both from for the Morena party- over the case of the arrest of José Manuel del Río.

AMLO expressed that he has absolute confidence in the Veracruz governor and commented that this entity had not had a governor like Cuitláhuac García for a long time. However, practically simultaneously, the bodies of 9 people, naked and with traces of torture, were abandoned in the municipality of Isla, Veracruz.

A poster was left next to the bodies with a message addressed to the Secretary of Government, Erick Cisneros Burgos, who the CJNG accused of supporting the Sinaloa Cartel. The message is signed by “Cuatro Letras” (Four Letters), referring to the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation abbreviated as CJNG.

“Erick Cisneros Burgos here in the Papaloapan River basin the Four Letters rule,” reads a phosphorescent poster.

This comes a day after several bodies were also abandoned in front of the Government Palace in Zacatecas. It seems like AMLO’s “hugs, not bullets” policy is not quite working.

The Yucatan Times