Two Mexican buildings are competing to be named the ugliest in Latin America

[Photo: Twitter- Ugly buildings]

In 2020 the Feitzker Prize was won by “La Colmena” located in Santiago de Chile.

(MEXICO -TYT).- Believe it or not, there are also ugliness contests, proof of this is the grand finale of the ugliest buildings in Latin America, and Mexico competes seriously for the first place.

“Unexpected. We will have a Mexican final! Castillo Dizney located in León, Guanajuato will compete with Aquiles Traigo located in Aguascalientes, Ags.,  for the 2021 crown,” wrote the ugly buildings account.

Just go to the Twitter account of @Edificiosfeos, where you can vote your “favorite ugly building”.


In 2020, the Feitzker Prize was won by “La Colmena” better known as Edificio Alameda Urbano de Estación Central, located in Santiago de Chile.

Aquiles Traigo is also known as “Mansión Foster” and it has an emblematic figure of a horse that pulls a carriage, but it is only a peculiar house.

On the other hand, the Dizney castle has this name because of the similarity that exists between the Disney castle, as well as the resemblance to its theme parks.

The Yucatan Times